The beginning

Crete is a mediterranean island with rare biodiversity. It is the bearer of a long tradition of high quality nutritional products, known worldwide not only for their unique taste but also for their health benefits. These are the products that make up the famous Cretan diet, a major contributor in the good health and longevity of the island’s inhabitants. A contribution validated by a substantial and still growing body of scientific research.

Cretan Harvest has been founded by people who were born and raised in Crete and as a result are intimately connected with the island’s natural richness and tradition. Through their experience, the uniqueness and high quality of these products became evident and gradually they became convinced that these products have the potential to reach the four corners of the world and benefit others too.

The vision

With that conviction they decided to combine the end result of a rich nutritional tradition with technologically advanced food packaging methods, in an attempt to create a contemporary brand which will weave together the benefits of both. They strongly believed that such an effort could create products of high quality.

They decided for this purpose to focus on the food they knew very well. The production of which was for them a family tradition of many generations. The most basic ingredient of the Cretan diet. The extra virgin olive oil.

The result

Loyal to their vision, they created Cretan Harvest extra virgin olive oil. In order to maintain their commitment to the values of this land, they based their company in Neo Chorio, a small village in the area of Apokoronas, in the municipality of Chania of the island of Crete.

Inspired by the timelessness of Cretan natural richness, they chose as their symbol a contemporary representation of the statue of the “Snake Goddess”, a Minoan era statue dated back to 1600BC, which symbolizes nature’s fertility.

Their commitment to remain loyal to the values of quality, authenticity and safety of their products, is the compass that helps them navigate their course.