Early Harvest

Early harvest extra virgin olive oil of small batch. At the beginning of autumn, we systematically monitor the ripening stage of the fruits of selected olive groves that have unique soil and climatic characteristics, especially during the autumn period when the olive oil is formed inside the fruit. When the olives reach the initial stages of ripening, we collect them with care and directly oil them the same day through cold pressing and special manipulations. The procedures that are followed result in the quantitatively limited but qualitatively upgraded production of the very special and excellent Early Harvest extra virgin oil.

A award winning highly aromatic, bitter and spicy extra virgin olive oil with an incomparable taste and excellent quality. Characteristics which are repeatedly appreciated by olive oil sommeliers in the international competitions in which it participates and in which it has been awarded for years. Thus certifying the high level of a valuable tool in the hands of chefs who wish to utilize it in their creations.

Flavor characteristics

Early Harvest is characterized as balanced with intense unripe elements. Its aromas show notes of artichoke, fresh grass and almond while the whole is characterized by harmony and high complexity.


Organoleptic analysis: Multichrom LAB (Approved by the International Olive Oil Council)

Available packages

Early Harvest is available in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles.

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