Cretan Harvest Koroneiki Premium

Koroneiki Variety

Cretan Harvest Koroneiki Premium

Single variety extra virgin olive oil of high quality which is produced from olives of the Koroneiki variety. Every autumn we carefully select the fruits of the olive trees which we collect at the right stage of ripening in order to get the maximum of their beneficial components and aromas. The olive oil is harvested entirely by hand. On the same day, the olives are washed, cleaned and the olive oil is extracted. Great importance is given to the temperature that prevails throughout the process so that it is kept strictly below 27°C (cold pressing) in order to preserve all its characteristics unchanged. Each batch is organoleptically tested to ensure that its taste characteristics are always at the same excellent level.

It is then bottled using the most modern equipment in special dark glass bottles and tin cans which protect it from light and oxygen so that its aromas and beneficial characteristics reach your plate unchanged from our fields.

Flavor characteristics

Koroneiki Variety is characterized as fruity and balanced. Its aromas show notes of herbs, grass and tomato leafs while the whole is characterized by harmony and delicacy.


Organoleptic analysis: Multichrom LAB (Approved by the International Olive Oil Council)

Available packages

Koroveiki Variety is available in glass bottles of 500ml, 750ml as well as tin cans of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1lt, 5lt.

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